Why Mercedes' F1 Car is Unbeatable

2020 29 سپتامبر
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Mercedes AMG Petronas has the most wins out of any F1 team of the last Decade. With 6 back to back World Constructors Championships and a 7th on the way (lets be honest), the Toto Wolff pack has been smashing the competition. It's not just the talents of Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg, and Valtteri Bottas that have been getting the Silver Arrows the points though. Each of the V6 turbo hybrid era Mercedes F1 cars has been a dominant machine. In this video Jeremiah is going to dive deep into the tech of what makes the Mercedes AMG Petronas team so fast. From their unique approach to aerodynamics, to engine cooling, to the wild innovations that they've brought to the track. If you want to find out how the Mercedes keeps on winning, this is the place.
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  • Mercedes uses antigravity.

    notfiveonotfiveoپیش 15 ساعت
  • I think that f1 cars could lose weight by sealing the frame and pressurizing it with helium to loose weight

    Tiefsa JrTiefsa Jrپیش 22 ساعت
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  • The real answer to this unbeatable car is because of F1’s obsession of Mercedes cars (safety and medical car). That’s why they allowed Mercedes to be much faster

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  • their secret is lewis

    Manna LintManna Lintپیش 2 روز
  • Short answer : *Petronas*

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  • Can you please make an episode explaining the way to produce 900HP out of 1.6L engine . Dodge viper with 8.3 L can't produce this amount of power . Why ? How ?

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  • George Russell proved Hamilton has very very little to do with Mercedes success. Russell jumped form a car that normally sits at the back of every race into the Mercedes of Hamilton and bingo within half an hour he's on pole position. Russell would has easily won the race if not kneecapped by Mercedes.

    Perfect PeterPerfect Peterپیش 5 روز
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  • I also thought Mercedes where the only car on the grid, until Racing Point copied them, to be running with a flat design, rather than the Newey high rake that the others all use. This gives them some advantages, but also means they have a slightly narrow development window for maximising the potential of the car. Which is where Merc always seem to end up innovating beyond the boundaries - ala - DAS.

    Dave SeargeantDave Seargeantپیش 7 روز
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  • Now why can they have just one manufacture for all teams so they get the same car practically and like that the sport is more fair?

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  • No need to watch this. Short answer is money. Mercedes and Ferrari spend ridiculous amounts to be podium cars.

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