Why its impossible to drive 1000mph

2020 10 نوامبر
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Cars get faster every day, and ever since we started driving them, we've always tried to go faster. But is there a limit to how fast a car can go? We did some math, made some calculations, and talked to some scientists to find out where the barriers are in making a car go faster. So what is the limiting factor? Is it the engine? The tires? You'll have to watch to the end to find out!
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  • Just to clarify, we shot this episode before the "Tuatara Drama" came to light. That being said, it still inspired us to make this episode. Hope you enjoy it! - Jerry

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    • infusen couldn’t admit they were wrong

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    • Nayrb _ I’m also under this comment thread while viewing sponsorship lol

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    • @Angel Haries An air spike was proposed last millennium , basically a plasma torch. Spacex use a retro burn to do the same thing.

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    • I love paying for add free premium but still have to fast forward because of advertising..gayy

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    • I think you should clarify if you were really sipping "Horse Juice" @ 9:20 :D

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  • O company of jinn and mankind, if you are able to pass beyond the limits of the heavens and the earth, then pass. You will not pass except by the authority of God. -Quran 55:33

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  • What about the bloodhound?

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  • Your exaggerated hand movements are really distracting and annoying.

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  • for some reason i can't stop looking at the holes in the wall

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  • It is a real shame that Covid looks like it has set the Bloodhound SSC project back at least two years.

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  • have to be electro magnetic. couldnt steer it at 1000 mph would break your neck turning

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  • I guess no one caught the "mo powa babeh" when he said we add more power I laughed a lil @6:05

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  • Tuatara actually didn't beat 316 mph. THEY LIED

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  • Hmm if the we are calling gasoline liquid horse juice because it makes a whole bunch of horses under the hood, that would make it... oh lawd

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  • Does there have to be a human driver?

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  • The audible promotion at the beginning got my like.

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  • The whole time I was very concerned for the shots of liquid on the scale to not fall over and spill

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  • is the joke that the bottles are filled with piss cuz it looks like piss

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  • His soul left his body in this video who else heard it

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  • What if someone made a long flat road across 1 of these salt flats? Like route X in gran turismo how fast could we really go if we had a long enough striaght?

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  • I just want to know how I got here.

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  • Rubbish

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  • Speak fkng metric bro I don't understand mph

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  • What if you could attempt the land speed record in a vacuum?

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  • The Donut Media teams HAS to send a boatload of "Mo Powa Babeh" stickers to the Bloodhound team. missed opportunity of a lifetime otherwise

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  • you know what's cool? James May, A.K.A Captain Slow was the fastest man in the world... for about an hour.

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  • Uh why are you using your piss jug as a visual aid to illustrate a cars power capacity?? Oh g-d, and then you drank it 🤢🤮🤮

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  • What's a mile?

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  • This reminds me of the BMW M5 E39 advert

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  • It’s not a car it’s a rocket with wheels

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  • The fact I learned a lot about this more than I have in online school

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  • Now I need him to explain how to keep that much shots on without spilling

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  • Anyone who has taken high level math classes had a mini heart attack when they saw that graph😂

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  • I guess for car culture too much is never enough ... More pollution again and again .

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  • 4:30 As a student Aerospace engineer I have to correct you. The A is not crossectional Area but surface Area

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  • Bumper 2 bumper is basically car science

  • "Curvature of the earth" ought to piss off the flat Earthers.

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  • They said the Sound Barrier (767mph) was impossible..... But it has been crushed multiple times with manned aircraft hitting Mach 6.72 or 4,520 mph and unmanned Mach 9.8 or 7000 mph. Let's not forget science once said if a human went 100mph they wouldn't be able to breath. That was in the 1800's. If a vehicle can generate enough forward momentum, have an ideal surface and use forged aerospace aluminium wheels 1000mph is attainable. Forged aerospace aluminium can withstand the centrifugal force sustained during 1000 mph and then some.

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  • 6:05 mo powa baby!!

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  • Why don’t you just buy one F-22 and ride it on the ground lmao

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  • Just the tip

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  • I waited 10 seconds for the skip ad button😭 Still love this channel😂

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  • Keonigsegg will breaks ssc record for sure 😏😏

  • Wasnt the tuitara's (srry if i spelt it wrong) speedometer 20mph over the real speed?

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  • The subtle MO POWAH BABEH. Is just so funny

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  • The slope of your drag force v speed was wrong. It should have looked parabolic.

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  • im liking your homegrown ads as much as the programs guys, podcasts in the cabin was comedy genius

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  • Hard to say "production" car when they've made about 100 of them...

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  • Thay damn godsmack song...

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  • Does land speed record require a human driver? Because if human body's limits of how much sustained G-forces it can handle is a limiting factor, wouldn't the obvious solution be to replace it with a drone system? That would also pretty much eliminate the risk of human life loss.

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  • What about the devel sixting

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  • What would they make the wheel out of? wouldn't it explode from the centrifugal force? Are they going to make it out of like solid steel or aluminum?

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  • good explanation

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  • Anyone else notice that at 3:05, they misspelled forward? Lmao

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  • Pedo intro

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  • The bloodhound is basically a plane without wings! Not much of a car

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  • So, if I did the math right, 1/2 (3 * 9.8 m/s/s) t^2 = 447 m/s t Then you'd have to maintain 3g acceleration for 30.4 seconds In that time, you would travel 13.59 kilometers (8.44 miles). Double that for the deceleration, and you'd need a perfectly straight and flat track 16.9 miles long. But that's all assuming that a person can handle 30 seconds of 3g force followed by 30 seconds of -3g force. And that the car can provide perfect 3g acceleration and deceleration. And that the car doesn't break, or flip.

    Tom C.Tom C.پیش 18 روز

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  • Excellent explanation of the physical laws in this topic!

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  • Is 10,000 hp a gal of piss?

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  • maybe grab an rally engine with 10k rpm limit rev and tune it to the max maybe hmmm maybe it wont work at all

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  • That's a lot of bottles of pee you've got there. At least I assume it's pee. I doubt you'd have spent that much on whisky or whatever just for this video. Yep probably pee.

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    • Oh god he took a sip.

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  • How fast does super man fly? 🤔

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  • Flat earthers be mad at this minute 12:20

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  • Really cool vid! Mercedes CLA, not a class tho

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  • you know what else is cool? the metric system -.-

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  • So to sum it up....? Bugatti with a 15th gear and a HUGEE hill to compensate?

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  • hmm ... in the air the sound barrier has a place to go, what if it exploded under the car ... don't need wheels, now in pieces with a drastic up vector to your velocity. I'd rather be certain, and say goodbye to friends first.

    Green NightsGreen Nightsپیش 22 روز

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  • Wheels are also a problem. Or more to the point how to make a wheel strong enough. If you are going 1600km per hour and your wheels have a circumference of 2m then they would be spinning at about 13,000 rpm. The centrifugal effect would rip almost any material to pieces long before that. One solution is larger circumference wheels for a slower rpm but that means more air resistance and more weight. There will be a balance point where more weight vs less rps is ideal for any material but that will determine the practical limit top speed of any "car". This is also another reason you need thrust based power instead of drive train, because no rubber can get close to that rotation speed. Many top supercars are limited by their tires not their HP or Thrust. A thrust based car can use metal wheels because grip is less important, but even metal wheels are tough to design strong enough to maintain integrity with the centrifugal effect of those land speeds.

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  • I hope you derps drank all that apple juice or whatever

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  • ¿22.500 lbs =58.000 hp?

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  • 7:25 Parasitc? Parasitic.

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  • F-ZERO will become reality

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  • This is very INCORRECT. Tecnology evolves rapidly over time, it will be more powerful, lightweight and efficient sooner than you think.

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  • Bloodhound eh! A Bristol England project with a RR jet engine.

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  • What is horse juice and why do the colors of the liquid vary. And labels

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  • "Impossible" lol that's a term for quitters. I wonder if there's a way to utilize that "splash drag". I hate math so I never went through engineering school but I'll do it if I have to. Does anyone here know if it makes any sense to take into consideration the possibility of manipulating the "splash drag" ? it sounds to me, like people already do it but it wasn't covered in this video.

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  • So, on a 10 mile stretch of that Zuid Afrika land, there is a mere 1 foot change in elevation. How can you then see the curvature of the earth??

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  • Awesome video, hopefully it re confirms to the intelligent people out there that main stream industry has been pathetically holding on to dinosaur technology. Trying to do the same thing with the same technology 50 yrs later, in no other form of technological development is this a standard, combustion for propulsion is a 100 yrs old, when do we start to get the good shit?

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  • Eliminate the driver, it's that simple.

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  • where do i buy rocket mod to go 1000 mph in mustang??? YOU TELL ME

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  • Just use a spaceship and classify it as a car Problem solved

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  • I think a stock 1000hp supra might just be able to break the record not sure tho

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  • Liquid Horse Juice = HORSE PEE

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  • See personally i think the thrust ssc isnt an actual car, it has a jet engine and basically cant be driven on the road

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    • Trains pull cars. But they can't be driven on the road either.

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