MAZDA RX-7 - Everything You Need To Know (and SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT) | Up To Speed

2020 20 اوت
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The RX-7--Mazdas front engine, rear wheel drive beast, is arguably one of the most iconic JDM sports car platforms of our time. From its wankel rotary roots, inspired by the Mazda Cosmo and RX-3, the FB, FC, and FD RX-7, have all shaken up the performance car world, and inspired automotive enthusiast circles globally. You can catch it on Forza, on motorsport reels of the past tearing up the IMSA circuit and 24 Hours of Lemans, racing down Mt. Tsukuba in Initial D--and you'll absolutely find the RX-7 racing through the Fast and Furious franchise. Join James Pumphrey as we trace the RX-7's roots, and answer the question--WHY did Mazda, stop making the RX-7?
Check out our podcast, Past Gas, to learn more about the rotary engine:
►Episode Chapters:
00:00 Introduction
06:04 The FB RX-7
09:40 ABFC
13:13 The Yellow One From The Cartoons
17:05 The RX-7 Legacy
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  • As an Rx8 owner I feel like I need to set something straight. The weight distribution of the RX8 is not "messed up". Not only does the RX8 have a 51:49 weight balance, but it has less polar momentum due to the engine being lower and further back than the FD's. Not only that, the chassis is 50% stiffer than the FD's. With a torsional rigidity of 30,000Nm/deg it's as solid as an exotic sports car. And don't even get me started about the suspension bushes. Kind of like it's little brother, the mx5/ miata, the RX8 isn't about blistering acceleration. It's about balance and the driving experience as a whole. And what driving enthusiast doesn't love an engine that can rev to over 9000 rpm. You don't get that kick of turbo torque, but you do get superior throttle response and predictable linear torque. If you guys at Donut Media haven't driven a well sorted RX8, I highly recommend you do before passing judgment.

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  • Here lies the last online relic of the once-glorious series Up To Speed. Once the highlight of many a car fan's week, now just another casualty of 2020. With high hopes of a swift return, all mention of the series vanished like dust in the wind, like so many other things in this cursed, wretched year. Many still hold out hope for its return, but time and again I find myself just unable to do anything but feel sad from the lack of new updates. Personally I'll be withholding my viewership on any of the content made after this date until new episodes make their unveiling, as frankly the best part of the channel, the one that made it what it was, is too harsh a pain to bear the thought of leaving. Here's to hoping 2021 turns brighter by gracing us with new episodes, but until such a time, I'll be here, remembering the good times on each thursday for years on end, years I had hoped would keep coming...

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