10 Insane Prototypes They ACTUALLY Built

2020 11 سپتامبر
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Sometimes carmakers decide to tease us with insane one-off prototypes, and to us, nothing is more exciting than that. Monster truck Fiats. Italian designed Corvettes. This is a list of outrageous vehicles actually built by car manufacturers!
And big shout out to Cool Car Video for supplying photos! Check out their channel: irworld.info/lost/OUiOkjhxP79ca4upfaE_-A
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    • idk,but James just said BMW in Bulgarian...lol i liked that... Be Em We... OR BAVAREC...Баварец means Bavarian...Бе Ем Ве...Беемве :) man,we love ur BMW's so much

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    • I've got an idea why don't we make the WINDSCREEN wipers out of lazers - jezza

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  • It made into production you just have to special order it from dodge.

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  • Correction James! German people talk like that. I live in Germany. 🤣

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  • Rondine (the pronunciation is more akin to "Rondeenae") is the Italian word for Swallow.

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  • Do you ever feel like some of theses people who built this crap spent too much time playing GTA moving cars

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  • That Hellephant... I think I just came. That is actually the hardest fucking car I have ever seen next to the 1968 Charger itself. My god

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  • You shoulda had the Chrysler me412 on there! A Bugatti killer years before the veyron even came out and at about a quarter of the price, oh yeah would love to see a hellephant in nolans Imperial.

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  • "hRsprS"

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  • Uuuuuuhhh.. Heck yes I want to see him drop a #hellaphant in there!

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  • so it went to texas but ended up with arizona plates...

    Wade S.Wade S.پیش ماه
  • I seen that Mazda in Long Beach during SCCA world challenge in 2007 or 08, I was on a race team and remember seeing malcom in the middle drive it LOL I'll have to look for photos remember we barely had smart phones or a way to take quality photos LOL

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  • Fresca is real😯

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  • The Pontiac is pretty much a R8 Maloo.....

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  • I gave a like for one reason and one reason only... the “da club” joke. You win this round donut

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  • When he mentioned Ashton Kutcher I thought he was talking to me for a second. My name is Ashton if you didn’t get that.

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  • One day, when gas cars will no longer be legal, I’m pretty sure dodge will make something called the "hellectric" I can feel it

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  • I think you forgot to mention the one and only Renault Espace F1 (with is so unique we won't be able to start it up in 20 years because only 10 guys know how to)

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  • There is 19 mazda furai's made but only for track

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  • Taking about Austin powers like he Charlie Chaplin or some shit🤣🤣🤣 Kid, grow the fuck up I have shoes older than you

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  • Both the Car...AND the Animamal!

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  • A 618 horsepower m5 wagon to be honest sounds like a good sleeper and i foubt it but i hope that wagons driving around but if it exists still ts probably at the back of a mclaren or bmw factory

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  • 3:49 Oceania is the continent

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  • Dodge can put "hell: in front of anything and it'll sound cool

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  • Whats Nolan’s channel

  • I don’t even like cars like that, I just really like this dudes personality

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  • Just got an add for the m8 competition it claims its the most powerful bmw yet lieeeees

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  • Why not strap the Helliphant into the Miata?

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  • Whyd you make that car that way Oh just for the hellephant

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  • Bruh I swear that W12 from the Phaeton is legendary

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  • 5:40 Hahah, that's actually how Romanians say BMW, as in... ALWAYS :D

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  • Buick Lesabre Grand National episode?!?!

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  • why no mention of the Jeep Hurricane? 4 wheel turning, twin 5.7 v8s, and full 4 wheel independent suspension

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  • Whats with james and matt??

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  • 6:07

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  • Shouldn't the Shorty be closer to the Helephant? That Nagari should've been the king. Rest In Peace King!

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  • Pls stop saying HRSPR

  • Really an Ed Gein reference? Lol! I love you freaks!

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  • 1000HP engine with 4 wheel drum brakes... what could ever go wrong ?! xD

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  • Yoo GG this vid was published on my birthday :D

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  • I would love to see nolan do an engine swap

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  • I bet I could drink about 5/2 ltrs before going into a coma

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  • wait, why do we dislike Ashton Kutcher? I thought he was doing good things

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  • I like the way he always says "Voltswagen" instead of "Volkswagen" :) Greetings from a German in New Mexico, love the channel! And yes, we talk like that.

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  • Do you want a donut??

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  • Yes do the hellephant

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  • Speaking of Matt Damon's portrayal of Carroll Shelby, I almost punched my TV hearing him BUTCHER Shelby's catchphrase. The ACTUAL catchphrase is, of course, "I'm Carroll Shelby, and performance is my business." BUT NO. Damon said "I'm Carroll Shelby, and I build race cars." ...I legit screamed into a pillow once I came to my senses after hearing that HERESY.

    Bob WalshBob Walshپیش 3 ماه
  • Pretty sure you forgot the Toyota camery with the supercharged 5.7l tundra powered drqg car with a tube chassis and lift off funny car body

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  • Espace F1 ? Anyone ?

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  • dislike for plugging some absolute bs

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  • 14:40 one of the coolest cars ever 15:15 that's absolutely ridiculous.

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  • James getting mad that his comedy fell short in elementary school is the closest I’ve ever felt to him.

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  • That VW GTI is hard to look at.

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  • These are the orgasm denial of cars.

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  • When I saw the thumbnail i thought y’all was playin the Crew 2.

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  • Just when he was starting to lose weight, quarantine hit. Lol

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  • The imperial with an elephant. All I have to say is do it

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  • “Both the car and the amnimal” 😂😂😂

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  • 12:30 wasnt that bad

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  • Hey look there is lil peep in this video And I respect that.

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  • What in god's name is fresca? Never seen that in Europe :P

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  • A pretty (indistinct noises) video, guys

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  • 50 "Curtis Jackson" Cent is the best joke I've heard in a long time. Also, big points for putting the freaking POPE JPII up there with the kings. Plus, James' Italian impression had me rolling. This episode is full of hits, damn

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  • We only ended up with those Pontiac front Ute's and sedans in Straya because GM shut down Pontiac. Holden had made a bunch of front ends thst were ment for export and couldn't do anything with them. Sooo they made them an option here when you brought a VE

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  • show us nolan

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  • Am I the only one that knew about Carrol Shelby, but didn't know about his name on the Chili Kit that I have definitely used.

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  • man when top gear crashed it, that was a day of mourning

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